Flowers That Never Fade

When I met my best friend in the world, the first thing I noticed was how perfect her teeth were. Turned out, we had a ton in common: we were both huge nerds. She was the artist to my author, the perfect friend. Ten years later, and we are still best friends, without question. This... Continue Reading →

Living Like Dying

Let's talk about death for a moment. Don't worry, I'll try not to get too dark or depressing or down. But there's nothing like a bad car wreck to put everything into perspective. I didn't almost die. I am—miraculously—completely fine. My car is not. Just, if one single thing had gone differently, I might not... Continue Reading →

Seatbelt Checks

Once upon a time, I knew this guy. We were friends for no more than a year. He and I were never on the same page. In fact, we may as well have been in different books in different libraries. Still, he was a constant in a down time for me and—though a lot of... Continue Reading →

What’s On My Name Tag

At an event, everyone gets a name tag: "Hello, my name is _______, and I am ________." If you were to fill in the blanks, what would your name tag say? Who am I? Everyone struggles with this question. Some face it in high school, some in college, and others wait years to ask it.... Continue Reading →

Escape to Atlantis

Sometimes I want to escape. Sometimes I literally want to turn and run so far from all the reminders and the familiarities. Sometimes I just need a change. Change can be good. It can be refreshing. It can be revitalizing. I want to go to Atlantis. It sounds silly, I know, but it is such... Continue Reading →

Being Raven

Raven has always been my favorite superhero. For those who don't know anything about her, her father is a trans-dimensional demon with a lot of built-up hatred. She is the embodiment of the deadly sin pride. In short, her powers rely on energy manipulation and telekinesis. She lives life in constant knowledge that she was... Continue Reading →

Blogging to Focus

When my friend suggested I spend some time focusing on myself, I'm pretty sure this wasn't what she meant. I know who I am. I know what I want. I have a fairly solid identity, but I'm not very good at focusing on myself. I have caused myself a lot of pain in the past... Continue Reading →

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