Chocolate, Roses, and Ice Sculptures

I am so incredibly happy.

And not just happy, like my smile is stretching my face and I want to dance and skip everywhere. I want to sing every time someone reminds me of a lyric. I want to make those around me happy too! It hasn’t been this way for a while.

There is something beautiful about being single. Sure, relationships rock too, but I needn’t be down because I’m not with some guy right now. I am taking this time and growing as an individual. Working on my identity. Becoming a better person. Writing and creating like crazy. Developing my faith. And I couldn’t do that while having obligations to someone else or linking myself to some random relationship. Single’s Awareness Day, though? Nah.

It’s called Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a boyfriend, but really, what does that matter? It isn’t the time for that. A new relationship may even be detrimental to me and those around me. Relationships have to be created for the right reasons, else they will not work. So, no, I don’t have a significant other. Still, I used yesterday to celebrate love! It gave me so much joy. I tried to spread my smile where I could. I stayed confident. I enjoyed every second of the day.

Not long ago, I was in love. Then I was heartbroken. I lost something valuable to me. But I didn’t lose love. I still have my family. I still have my friends. I still have social media followers! (Thanks you guys.) They still love me.

So, smile! Because you have love too. I promise. Even if you don’t see it right now. That love will get you through pain and heart ache and loneliness. February 14th is a beautiful day for what it represents: not couples and lovebirds and relationship statuses, but true and honest love. Enjoy that, even if you are single. I had no idea a single person could have as much fun as I did yesterday!

And happy belated Valentine’s day from me to you!

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