Basically Bard.

Since I started gaming, I’ve taken on a lot of personas: glamour bard, flannel wizard, and all-around sparkle spellcaster. But when considering all the things I do—writing, gaming, podcasting, editing, streaming, social media, storytelling, even art sometimes, etc.—it’s easiest to sum up by “Basically Bard.”


I graduated with a degree in creative writing, worked three years in marketing, and then transitioned to freelance writing in my home, Austin, TX. I worked as a lead writer in tabletop gaming in Seattle, WA before the pandemic hit. Now, I do contract work in the tabletop industry and podcasting while living with my partner and our cat daughter, Rayla, in Albany, NY.


I’ve written eight novel drafts, but I’d never published any of my creative works (outside of a college campus anthology or on this blog). That is, until I created and launched Fate and the Fablemaidens, a family-friendly D&D podcast, with some of my dearest friends.

After that, my life changed entirely.


Fate and the Fablemaidens was well-received. I started performing in RPG shows on a stream. I joined other streams and podcasts, as both guest and recurring cast member. I started traveling more to conventions and events. I followed my dream in my career by taking risks. I have several podcasts in preproduction. Gosh, I still should publish a novel though, huh?


So I’m just a bard continuing on my creative journey. I honestly believe I’m just getting started. I don’t know where all I’ll go, but I know it’s all an adventure ahead.

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