Basically Bard.

Since I started gaming, I’ve taken on a lot of personas: glamour bard, flannel wizard, and all-around sparkle spellcaster. But when considering all the things I do—writing, gaming, podcasting, editing, streaming, social media, storytelling, even art sometimes, etc.—it’s easiest to sum up by “Basically Bard.”


I graduated with a degree in creative writing, worked three years in marketing, and then transitioned to freelance writing in my home, Austin, TX. I’ve since accepted a job in gaming that I love and moved to Seattle, WA.


I’ve written eight novel drafts, but I’d never published any of my creative works (outside of a college campus anthology or on this blog). That is, until I created and launched Fate and the Fablemaidens, a family-friendly D&D podcast, with some of my dearest friends.

After that, my life changed entirely.


Fate and the Fablemaidens was well-received. I started performing in RPG shows on a stream called Scratticus Academy—a stream that has become like family since. I joined other streams and podcasts, as both guest and recurring cast member. I started traveling more to conventions and events. I followed my dream in my career by taking risks. I have another podcast in preproduction: EDENfall, a cyberpunk audio drama, inspired by a stream from Scratticus Academy. Gosh, I still should publish a novel though, huh?


So I’m just a bard continuing on my creative journey. I honestly believe I’m just getting started. I don’t know where all I’ll go, but I know it’s all an adventure ahead.

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