Living Like Dying

Let’s talk about death for a moment.

Don’t worry, I’ll try not to get too dark or depressing or down.

But there’s nothing like a bad car wreck to put everything into perspective. I didn’t almost die. I am—miraculously—completely fine. My car is not. Just, if one single thing had gone differently, I might not be typing this post right now.

It’s a cliché to say: “live like you’re dying.” “Live like there’s no tomorrow.” “Live every day like its your last.” The clichés wear on you after a while and the sayings lose their meaning. After this week, I wish they didn’t.

I can’t say I’ve had a better week than this one, after the wreck. I was grateful for every second I had this week. The little things in life found more value. I had a second chance to be grateful for what I had. I got a chance to figure out what I most regret and resolve it. I want to leave a positive legacy and not have any regrets. To do that, though, I’d have to set aside my inhibitions. I’d have to stop being afraid of stepping on toes and simply be the best I can be! I’d have to resolve potential regrets as they come and reconcile with everyone who might find issue with me. I might die tomorrow. Everything in life is unexpected, why should death be any different?

It’s not about not about living in fear of what’s to come, it’s about relishing what you have while you have it. Because you never know when the things you value will be gone. And you never want to have regrets.

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