Escape to Atlantis

Sometimes I want to escape. Sometimes I literally want to turn and run so far from all the reminders and the familiarities. Sometimes I just need a change. Change can be good. It can be refreshing. It can be revitalizing.

I want to go to Atlantis. It sounds silly, I know, but it is such a fantastical place. It isn’t real. It has no semblance of the world I’m currently surrounded by. It doesn’t have the same problems. Of course, I’d have to swim there, which causes some complications. It’s just such a far out, far away place and that’s what I want to escape to.

But escape isn’t the best plan. There isn’t any point in escaping from the problems. Hiding from them doesn’t get rid of them. Eventually, when I came back from Atlantis, the problems would still be there in the bottom of my suitcase. Oh right. That. Right now, I’m learning to grow as my own person. In doing that, I can’t just hide. Instead, I have to overcome.

I’ve had the chance to run. I could have given into the temptation of escape. I’ve seen plenty of people do it, often to their own detriment. It won’t do me any good. I can face it. I can overcome. It seems hopeless now, but so long as I don’t flee, I can come out on the other side.

So Atlantis can wait. Maybe it’ll make a good vacation spot a few years down the problem. When I don’t have anything negative to hide away in my suitcase.

5 thoughts on “Escape to Atlantis

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  1. mmm that sounds nice, my dream is to escape to Ireland. However I have thought about working this summer as a mountain guide for a Christian hiking company in Wyoming over the summer. It would be a good summer to get away from family, friends, technology, everything I know and focus on my life, my spiritual walk, and helping others defeat their physical and spiritual battles.

    1. Taking a spiritually refreshing break is different from trying to escape from your problems. I am going to Thailand—for some of the same reasons you listed—this summer. It will be an experience that will be based in courage, not in cowardice. And that’s important when getting away.

  2. Sometimes you need to escape from your problems in order for you to see them in the correct light and deal with them correctly. I’m sure that will be therapeutic 🙂

    1. All I’m saying is, escaping didn’t work out so hot for Jonah. There’s “stepping back to gain perspective” and there is “running away.” I just don’t want to do the second one.

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