“Meditation and Prayer” Haiku Series

Another series of haikus based on our spiritual discipline equipping time in Thailand. These were inspired by two studies combined, led by me and Aryn:

Eyes closed to the world
Mind open to more than just

No hidden secrets
Addressing what is within
Not problems without

Retreating into
An inner sanctuary
A part of ourselves

Alone and focused
On myself and my spirit
In meditation

How can someone not
Make time for the creator
Of all time itself

More than just hoping
Remain boldly expectant
Of what is to come

“If it be Your will”
We rely on our clichés
Even the false ones

Share the heart’s desire
Ask without hesitancy
Overcome the guilt

We come before Him
Broken hearted and hopeful
Just wanting the best

Ourselves and others
Influenced by words of change
Breathing honesty

Copyright Renee Rhodes June 12, 2013

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