“Guidance, Worship, & Celebration” Haiku Series

The last three spiritual disciplines were discussed as our internship winds down. To be honest, the poems haven’t been as easily inspired as they were when we began. I am becoming very tired. Still, I strive to be creative, even in a study time. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them.

Sharing your vision
Allows critiques to refine
To the best results

Seek out counseling
The guidance can clarify
Every clouded thought

Wisdom from others
Will outweigh our own judgement,
Our own biased mind

Understand their heart
Before giving food for thought,
Empathize with them

Spirit to spirit
Worship draws near the divine
Holy of holies

Bring our whole being
Beyond the mental limit
Thrown into worship

Celebrate living
Find strength in the joy of action
Free, alive, happy

Dance, learn to laugh more,
Don’t lose imagination,
Party all night long

Copyright Renee Rhodes July 21, 2013

“Service and Confession” Haiku Series

Covered in discussion by both Lauren and Lisa, these two disciplines resulted in a lot of conversation. I think most of the group is amused that, instead of taking notes, I write haikus. Same, same, but different, right? Basically.

No point standing back
When there is need for service,
We must step forward

More than to receive,
Passing joy out to others
Grows our own spirit

It is not selfish
Though it’s a blessing to all
It is for others

Genuine regret
A burning desire to share
Heavy on our hearts

Pain is pain to all
But confessing won’t feel safe
When mouths don’t stay shut

Share what’s on your mind
Comes along with trust

Guilt loses power
The instant it is confessed
Be brave and speak up

Copyright Renee Rhodes July 7, 2013

“Simplicity, Solitude, and Submission” Haiku Series

The next installment of my spiritual discipline haiku series. I have had a harder time comprehending and connecting to these specific disciplines and so there are fewer inspired poems. Led by Meredith, Mama Zone, and Julia, these discussions help us grow as interns while we daily strive to serve.

Reach simplicity
Stripping the material
To truth underneath

Stop the busyness
Open an ear to listen
To the silence ring

When we are alone
We are never abandoned
Or truly alone

Forgive my mistakes
Justice will come to us all
It is not our place

Escape self-pity
Deny oneself, refuse faults
Create your freedom

Far more rewarding
Are inward alterations
Than outer changes

Copyright Renee Rhodes July 3, 2013

“Fasting and Study” Haiku Series

Inspired by the equipping lessons at my summer internship. These discussions were led by Emily and Mahya respectively. I just can’t help writing about some of the awesome topics we discuss. Still, I apologize for the haiku spam:

After our hunger
Satisfy our ev’ry need
Let us break our fast

Emotions surface
Our personal weaknesses
Flaws for us to fix

I need not my wants
I want instead your desires
Fill me up inside

Just, pure, true, beauty
Knowledge to set mankind free
Only through study

When we lack the truth
We lack the other virtues
That apply to life

Simply beautiful
Marvel at the little things
Value small wonders

Copyright Renee Rhodes June 13, 2013

“Meditation and Prayer” Haiku Series

Another series of haikus based on our spiritual discipline equipping time in Thailand. These were inspired by two studies combined, led by me and Aryn:

Eyes closed to the world
Mind open to more than just

No hidden secrets
Addressing what is within
Not problems without

Retreating into
An inner sanctuary
A part of ourselves

Alone and focused
On myself and my spirit
In meditation

How can someone not
Make time for the creator
Of all time itself

More than just hoping
Remain boldly expectant
Of what is to come

“If it be Your will”
We rely on our clichés
Even the false ones

Share the heart’s desire
Ask without hesitancy
Overcome the guilt

We come before Him
Broken hearted and hopeful
Just wanting the best

Ourselves and others
Influenced by words of change
Breathing honesty

Copyright Renee Rhodes June 12, 2013

“Burning to Be with Him” Haiku Series

A series of haikus based on our equipping discussion this morning (other series may follow):

Choosing in or out
Hovering at the threshold
Decisions to make

Cannot move our feet
We are pulled this way and that
Conflicted longings

Fear overwhelms us
Better than risk is safety
Back the way we came

Closer than before
To the ultimate desire
But still uncertain

Coming into grace
We are cleansed from fear and doubt
Burning for the Lord

Copyright Renee Rhodes June 8, 2013