“Service and Confession” Haiku Series

Covered in discussion by both Lauren and Lisa, these two disciplines resulted in a lot of conversation. I think most of the group is amused that, instead of taking notes, I write haikus. Same, same, but different, right? Basically.

No point standing back
When there is need for service,
We must step forward

More than to receive,
Passing joy out to others
Grows our own spirit

It is not selfish
Though it’s a blessing to all
It is for others

Genuine regret
A burning desire to share
Heavy on our hearts

Pain is pain to all
But confessing won’t feel safe
When mouths don’t stay shut

Share what’s on your mind
Comes along with trust

Guilt loses power
The instant it is confessed
Be brave and speak up

Copyright Renee Rhodes July 7, 2013

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