“Stand and Fall” Poem

It's the strangest thing to feel your heart stop beating Even just a pause For just a moment Before you tilt forward with your toes gripping the edge But you're already falling Or you've been falling And the passage of time is sluggish and disorienting You don't know when You don't know why And there's... Continue Reading →

“Scream” Poem

The fabric of the world Strains and stretches, Torn apart at the seams. The threads snap... snap... snap, Leaving rents across the sky. And the world screams. Snap. Scream. Snap. Scream. Fire curls around each tear, Carving out the jagged scars, Blazing light through darkness. Flaming bolts strike... strike... strike. The burning and ripping hurts,... Continue Reading →

“Service and Confession” Haiku Series

Covered in discussion by both Lauren and Lisa, these two disciplines resulted in a lot of conversation. I think most of the group is amused that, instead of taking notes, I write haikus. Same, same, but different, right? Basically. No point standing back When there is need for service, We must step forward More than... Continue Reading →

“Fasting and Study” Haiku Series

Inspired by the equipping lessons at my summer internship. These discussions were led by Emily and Mahya respectively. I just can't help writing about some of the awesome topics we discuss. Still, I apologize for the haiku spam: After our hunger Satisfy our ev'ry need Let us break our fast Emotions surface Our personal weaknesses... Continue Reading →

“Meditation and Prayer” Haiku Series

Another series of haikus based on our spiritual discipline equipping time in Thailand. These were inspired by two studies combined, led by me and Aryn: Eyes closed to the world Mind open to more than just Possibilities No hidden secrets Addressing what is within Not problems without Retreating into An inner sanctuary A part of... Continue Reading →

“Burning to Be with Him” Haiku Series

A series of haikus based on our equipping discussion this morning (other series may follow): Choosing in or out Hovering at the threshold Decisions to make Cannot move our feet We are pulled this way and that Conflicted longings Fear overwhelms us Better than risk is safety Back the way we came Closer than before... Continue Reading →

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