“A Word Spoken” :: 642 Things to Write About

In an effort to write more frequent blog posts, I drew a prompt from “642 Things to Write About” by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, which I highly recommend. It quickly became a short poem instead of the longer flash piece I expected. Please enjoy.

A word spoken, a secret kept.

A match lit, a light goes out.

An egg boiled, a bird takes flight.

A dime lost, a lottery won.

A child cries, an old man smiles.

A breath gasped, a person shot.

A hearth kindles; a bomb explodes.

A bus brakes; a plane crashes.

A flag waves; a war sparks.

A pin drops; the sky falls.

In just a second,

The world changes.

Actions are taken.

Lives are begun,

Lives are ended.

In just a second…

A word is spoken.

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