Ten (Sip) Impressions and Observations – RGAT

10 (sip). I spent about $10 today total. (For three meals, a snack, and a Walmart run.)

9 (gao). Everyone drives however the heck they want to. (On the left side of the road, mind you.)

8 (paet). On the lake, there are houses, restaurants, and hotels floating on bamboo. (They rise and fall with the water and are reached by boat. But not during a storm. Then you’re stranded until it passes. Because that happened.)

7 (jet). Everything here is so delicious. And spicy. Such variety! (How can anyone have sinus issues when eating Thai food?!)

6 (hok). Breakfast foods are essentially nonexistent. (We just had fresh fruit. Our other options were pork or chicken over rice or noodles.)

5 (hah). Their 7/11 has more interesting purchases than ours. (Like lychee juice? And sticky rice burgers! And mama! Mmmm…)

4 (see). Texas is a very recognizable place to be from. (As well as New York. But Texas has the cowboy stereotype. Everyone assumed I was from New York until told otherwise. That’s a compliment, I guess.)

3 (sahm). It’s awesome to see all the brands I know and love written in Thai. (Picture to follow.)

2 (song). In Thailand, being light skinned is considered more attractive. (My soap is for “White & Firm Skin”.)

1 (nueng). America kind of pales in comparison. (Ba dum bum ch!)


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