Renee’s Great Adventure Thailand (Intro and Excitement)

So far, it’s been a lot of waiting. Obviously I didn’t expect the adventure to start immediately, but my excitement isn’t wearing down with exhaustion. Traveling to Thailand is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. In 12 hours, I’ll be in tomorrow and across the sea.

As I’ve said, if you need to contact me, the best way will be through Facebook messaging. I do have internet so I should get back to you fairly promptly. Also, I will post here at the very least once a week! I’ll tweet, Facebook, and tumbl the links, so if you’re curious as to how my adventure is going, you should be able to keep up. I’ll also be journaling and taking lots of pictures!

For those who aren’t aware, I have a two month internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since I was little, I dreamed of going to Thailand. My parents went 26 years ago and I loved flipping through their photo albums. This is my chance to go! I’m a little anxious. I’ve never been so far from home. Ever. And not for so long. But overall, I truly believe this will be an amazing, life-changing experience that I will be immensely blessed by. Prayers and support are always appreciated!

A couple of things I’m already looking forward to:

I’m actually super excited to fly across the ocean. My friend told me it was only exciting for a few minutes, but I am truly fascinated by the ocean. The depth, the beauty, the mystery… Maybe at some point I’ll do a post about it. (Because I have a borderline obsession with water and the color blue). I love imagining the adventures of a world below the surface that I can never quite be a part of but can still appreciate and enjoy. The ocean, guys.

I can’t wait to make friends! I make friends everywhere! I met this lovely Korean woman on the plane to San Fran. Her nickname is Mango because she loves them so much! I may never see her again, but she was great company on the flight. Really, though, I hope to learn a lot about Thai culture through the Thai people by making strong, lasting bonds of friendship with them. That’s what this trip is all about: being a blessing to others and allowing myself to be blessed by others.

I’m also super excited about the cuisine. I get to have Thai food every day. I don’t think I can express how much I appreciate Thai food. And this Thai food will be the legit made-by-Thai-for-Thai food! One of the things I appreciate about the culture already is the treatment of the food as an art, mixing flavors in harmony to satisfy the taste. This trip will be so great.

I imagine I’ll do a “first impressions” sort of post once I arrive. I do have a couple other friends doing blogs while we’re there. If you’re interested, I’ll post the links to them and you can find them. Of course, expect writing posts mingled in as I continue editing SOL. I hope that everyone back home in the States (which I technically haven’t left yet) has a fabulous summer and I’ll see you at the end of July!

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