“Some Nights (in Thailand)” – RGAT

Because Renee had a song stuck in her head and a little too much down time while playing goalie in soccer (sung to the tune of “Some Nights” by FUN):

“Some nights I go eat food right off the street
Some nights I want to throw up
Some nights I wake up having diarrhea
Some nights my poop won’t come out

But I still wake up
And walk to Seven
But I’m still not sure what a wai is for
What is a wai for
What is a wai for
Most nights I get bit by mosquitoes – oh oh woah oh, etc.

“This is Thailand,” we all say
When our shoes go MIA
We don’t have air con in the day
Sleeping out under the stars
Don’t want to get in a car
These bug bites might leave scars
So we eat our feelings in Magnum bars

It’s alright
I bathed out in a stream tonight
Lay on my mat wondering why, why, wai?
Eheh eh eh I’m a bit de-hy mhm mhm

Most nights I don’t know…
Oh krap kun
Oh krap kun
Oh krap kun

My heart is breaking for my country and the place that I call home
Where everyone knows how to drive
Man, you won’t believe the misunderstandings that can come from some terrible Thai

Oh some nights I purchase far too many Thai pants
Most days I wear them around
Some nights I wish it would never end
Cause I fell in love with Thailand

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