The Waiting Game

There are many difficult things to find in life, but patience is one of the most difficult to come by. I confess, I have been extremely impatient of late. I keep waiting for things to happen that I can’t even really rely on. Things never quite go the way you expect them to and rarely go the way you want them to.

So you fall into the waiting game.

You know, that stupid game your parents made you play when you had to wait for something. It has no rules and no prizes and was really just a ploy to make you sit still and shut up so you’d stop bugging them.

The waiting game is tedious, difficult, and the time it lasts is often indefinite. In fact, a lot of times it drives me crazy. And anything could be on the other side of the waiting: disappointment, celebration, a surprise, a doctor appointment, the end of school, a broken heart, etc. A lot of times, the result of waiting is entirely uncertain. That’s another thing that makes the waiting game so hard to win: uncertainty.

The best way to win the game is to trust that, even if the result isn’t what you expect or want, it will be for the best. This isn’t easy either. It also usually involves even more waiting. Once you finish waiting to receive the results, you have to wait to see how it will be for the best.

Okay, waiting sucks. But it’s a necessary part of life. The only thing that makes it much easier is to trust. Things do work out when given time. Sometimes a lot of time. But the waiting game does eventually pay off.

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