I’m (Finally) Having Surgery

**This post was crafted from two posts initially published on my Ko-Fi. Early 2018: I was handed three papers, two new prescriptions, two lab orders, and an appointment reminder for my next procedure, then I was ushered out of the room. I blinked. Was I breathing? Was I crying? Had I even had the chance to... Continue Reading →

What’s new with me? D&D.

Hi! Hello! Hail and well met! And happy International Tabletop Day! A lot has changed since I last posted to this dusty, neglected old blog. (I don't recommend scrolling too far back; who knows what cobwebs there are from my college years?) There are a couple of big ones that I could mention – moving... Continue Reading →

The Wretched Redemption of Writing

Writing has incredible healing properties. And it can tear you apart limb from limb. At least my broken hearts can be put to paper, my tears turned to words. At least chaos can turn inspiration, dreams can spin a story. I am happy with being a writer. I love finding creativity everywhere I look as... Continue Reading →

Boy, Does Life Get in the Way

It's so disappointing to me how I fall out of my most valued habits as life provides excuse after excuse. A short list of habits I fell out of last semester: 1. I stopped doing ZUMBA or really working out at all. 2. I stopped writing in my journal after every day. 3. I stopped... Continue Reading →

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